The Library Compass innovation project created a 3D Geographic Information System (GIS) model of the main University of Edinburgh library and surrounding area as a testbed for integrating services that could be useful to staff and students, such as route-finding and occupancy information.

Our strategy

The base data was created from CAD drawings of the Library and other sources to provide a highly detailed representation of the library environment including study spaces and meeting rooms. This enables assets to be located in their true 3D positions and route-finding through the building including via stairs and lifts to other floors. Additionally, real-time information can be integrated, analysed and displayed in 3D. This can include information from IoT sensors or other real-time feeds.

We are looking into how this framework can be used to help students find library and study spaces in the main library and surrounding areas.

What we delivered

  • Map in 3D all library and study spaces in Central area and Kings buildings
  • Links to IoT sensors so that real-time information can be shown

Skills we brought to the project

  • 3D mapping
  • Internet of Things