Continuum Industries is a start-up developing a complete digital twin blueprint for transportation systems based in Edinburgh. The company is currently working on its Minimum Viable Product that focuses on automation of alignment planning for Hyperloop and mainline rail.

The challenge

Hyperloops are a high-speed transportation system that can carry passengers or cargo in autonomous, bus-sized vehicles known as pods. It works by moving the pods within a network of low-pressure tubes to minimise aerodynamic drag, allowing the pods to travel at speeds of around 1000kph.

Continuum Industries needed a custom geo database that integrated with their optimisation and simulation modules.

What we’re delivering

  • Evaluating available sources of geospatial data
  • Designing and building a prototype database
  • Designing a framework for post-processing and populating the database with collected data

Skills we brought to the project

  • Evaluation of geospatial data sources
  • Database design and implementation

What’s next?

Funding has been secured from Gareth Williams of Skyscanner and an Innovation Voucher has been awarded by SFC to do initial work. Several Hyperloops are planned for construction this year, including Los Angeles, India and Dubai.

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