LandClan data, available on Digimap from 1st August 2024

We are thrilled to announce EDINA’s partnership with LandClan to provide Digimap users access to enriched Land and Property Data for the UK. This data will be available on Digimap from the 1st August 2024.

The large number and variety of sources of the existing data available in the UK can make it difficult and expensive to find the important information needed by researchers and teachers.

LandClan has developed an advanced spatial data engine to improve the way databases and GIS technology connect and reference data, now available for the first time to the UK’s academic community.

LandClan’s data is organised in a way that links attributes to the most appropriate of four connected geometries — either points or polygons. This setup allows for accurate descriptions of any property, whether it’s a single shop or flat, or an entire shopping centre or block, using these interconnected tables.

For more information and to register your interest, please visit our website

Banner image: Emre Acar from Pexels