We are thrilled to announce that our Director, Anne Robertson, will be presenting at the 4th European Chatbot & Conversational AI summit.

The summit will be taking place from the 12th-14th March at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh. This year's theme is “Redefining The Future Of CAI: Ethical And Human-Centric Conversational & Generative AI”.

Anne’s keynote session, "Building a safe student-facing chatbot", will feature our EdChat initiative, which is the new chatbot front-end for the University of Edinburgh’s EdHelp system.

“I'll be describing our use of OpenAI's GPT 4.0 LLM for the chat experience and our important integration with the existing query management system to enable us to mirror existing Help Line processes and continually improve our knowledge base”.

The EdChat initiative aims to support frontline staff by helping to reduce the number of calls to their helpdesk. Initially, our colleagues at USD were looking for a solution (in this case, a chatbot) that could quickly provide students with accurate information where the questions asked are straightforward and exist in the EdHelp knowledge base.

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay