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As a UK national data centre, EDINA engages in both projects and services, the former geared to development activities which inform and develop the operation of EDINA national services, either producing new services or improvement in existing services. These are generally externally-funded and often in partnership with other institutions.

EDINA employs expert staff, including some who have national and international recognition, to provide a wide range of services that help our clients and customers to reduce their costs and increase their productivity. We also work with many important national and international groups, including governmental, educational, standards development, research data, commercial, and web services organisations.

We are always interested in discussing new partnerships and R&D, and in providing commissioned services. If you are interested in partnering with us, or commissioning us to develop and deliver your service, please contact us.

Reference & Multimedia projects

Maps & Data projects

  • AddressingHistory
    Creating an online tool to combine data from digitised historical Scottish Post Office Directories with contemporaneous historical maps.
    Creating a testbed environment to enable citizens living with UNESCO designated Biosphere Reserves to collect environmental data using mobile devices
  • Palimpsest
    Providing access to vivid, evocative and dramatic excerpts of a wide range of geolocated Edinburgh-based literary texts either via the web resource, or in the city streets via a smartphone or tablet.
  • Spatial Memories
    Enabling people with disabilities to become more independent and less reliant on others in making spatially aware reminders, hints and checklists using a smartphone app.

Infrastructure projects

    Investigating and developing the infrastructure to support a service to create and manage unique, long-term identifiers for digital content.
  • Knowledge Base+
    Improving the quality, accuracy, coverage and availability of data for the management of electronic resources for UK HE.
  • Repository Junction Broker
    Scoping, building and testing a deposit broker tool to assist open access deposit into, and interoperability between, existing repository services.

Projects Archive

Websites and summaries of projects which have been completed are archived in their final state.

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EDINA is the Jisc-designated national data centre at the University of Edinburgh.

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