We assisted the Digital Curation Centre at the University of Edinburgh to re-engineer DMPonline, helping people create, review and share data management plans that meet institutional and funder needs.

The challenge

To improve DMPonline by ensuring that it had a clean, maintainable code base which was well designed, performed to required standards, and deployable in a controlled way.

Our strategy

We ensured DMPonline could be used at peak times by analysing database access and making a small change to the app which reduced the load on the database significantly.

We then restructured the application, redesigning the database in order to make it more understandable and improve its efficiency of access.

What we delivered

  • Creation of a DevOps pipeline
  • Implementation of a system capable of supporting a large number of multiple users

Our restructuring of the code underpinning DMPonline has resulted in an improvement in its performance and contributes to its sustainability and development. The system can now be used at peak times, with CPU usage never going above 10%.

Skills we brought to the project

  • Building DevOps pipelines
  • Diagnosing poor data performance
  • Software architecture and database design

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