The following services are no longer offered by EDINA.



From 31st December 2019 Digimap for Colleges was withdrawn from service and is no longer available.

However, access to the same maps (and substantially more) continues to be provided through our comprehensive Digimap service. You can learn more about this service here.

Subscriptions to Digimap are available at any time from now onwards and prices are available on our website. Note that these prices are for a full annual subscription and will be pro-rated from the date your subscription starts.

If you would like to purchase a subscription for your institution, please contact us at

At EDINA we aim to create resources which are aligned with the needs of our subscribers. Furthermore, we are dedicated to providing access to the very best digital tools, helping learners in the FE sector to gain valuable skills that prepare them for employment. Continual investment in the staff and infrastructure that underpin our services is a necessity and this impacts the sustainability of free-to-use resources. As a consequence, operating and maintaining a free Digimap for Colleges service is no longer viable for us. However, the well-established and well-respected Digimap service provides a more flexible, powerful and comprehensive tool offering significant value and benefits.

Please do not hesitate to contact Guy Stevenson with any questions you may have.


  • AGDEX, 2000-2004. Extensive database of over 85,000 article titles or abstracts from the agricultural press, compiled since 1971 by the Scottish Agricultural College (SAC).
  • Art Abstracts, 1998-2003. Bibliographic references and abstracts of articles from 280 periodicals – journals, yearbooks and museum bulletins – published in English and other major languages, from 1984 to the present. Art Abstracts is published by H.W. Wilson.
  • Art Index Retrospective, 2000-2004. Provided searchable indexing spanning 55 years of art journalism from 420 noted publications around the globe, reflecting coverage provided from 1929 to 1984. Art Index Retrospective is published by H.W. Wilson.
  • BIOSIS, 1996-2006. Electronic version of Biological Abstracts (BA), the largest printed reference publication for life sciences information; and Biological Abstracts/RRM (Reports, Reviews, Meetings), the companion printed reference to books, meetings and research reviews. BIOSIS Previews database covers data from 1985 onwards.
  • CAB Abstracts, 1999-2012. Bibliographic database compiled by CAB International. Covered the significant research and development literature in the fields of agriculture, forestry, aspects of human health, human nutrition, animal health and the management and conservation of natural resources.
  • EconLit, 2000-2004. Indices and abstracts of more than 550 international economic journals. Produced by the American Economic Association.
  • Ei Compendex,1998-2003. Most comprehensive interdisciplinary engineering information database in the world, with almost 7 million summaries of journal articles and conference proceedings, referencing 5,000 journals and conference material from the 1970’s onwards. Produced by Engineering Information Inc. (Ei).
  • ESPMD,1998-2002. Access to abstracts and references to the literature covering air, land, water, and noise pollution as well as bacteriology, ecology, toxicology, risk assessment, environmental engineering, environmental biotechnology, waste management, and water resources. ESPMD is published by Cambridge Scientific Abstracts.
  • Index to the Times,1996-2000. Coverage of The Times between 1790-1980, comprising Palmer’s Index to The Times (covering the years 1790 to 1905), and the Official Index to The Times (covering the years 1906-1980). Published by Chadwyck-Healey.
  • INSPEC,1998-2008. Regarded as the premier database for access to the world’s leading scientific and technical literature in physics, electrical engineering, electronics, communications, control engineering, computers and computing and information technology. Produced by the Institution of Electrical Engineers.
  • The Keepers Registry, 2011-2019. A global monitor on the archiving arrangements for electronic journals. The ISSN International Centre and its Governing Board will continue to make Keepers Registry functionality and content available for the UK and international communities of libraries, publishers and scholars at
  • Land Life Leisure, 2002-2014. Bibliographic database of land-based literature that covered the popular press as well as scholarly journals on; agriculture, countryside management, environmental change, equine studies and leisure and tourism. UPDATE data was supplied by the University of Wales Aberystwyth with contributions from the Royal Agricultural College and Harper Adams University College.
  • Linguistics and Language Behaviour Abstracts, 2000-2002. Assisted both generalists and specialists in keeping abreast of cutting-edge developments in disciplines concerned with the nature and use of language. Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts comes from Cambridge Scientific Abstracts.
  • MLA Bibliography, 2000-2004. Indexes critical scholarship on literature, language, linguistics and folklore. Produced by the Modern Language Association of America.
  • OpenURL Router, 2011-2019. A Jisc-funded middleware service that enabled libraries to register their resolvers and configure OpenURL links. The service was retired in 2019. OpenURL Router log file data (April 2011 to July 2019) continues to be available for download here, under the Open Data Commons (ODC) Public Domain Dedication and Licence and the ODC Attribution Sharealike Community Norms.
  • PAIS International, 2000-2004. Bibliographic index with abstracts covering the full range of political, social, and public policy issues. Produced by the Public Affairs Information Services, Inc.
  • Palmer’s Index,1996-2000. The only index to articles in The Times for every issue from October 1790 to December 1905. Palmer’s Index is published by Chadwyck-Healey.
  • PCI,1996-2000. On-line access to the Periodicals Contents Index (PCI) for the periodical literature in their academic disciplines. PCI is published by Chadwyck-Healey.
  • SALSER, 1995-2016.   Union catalogue of journals available at academic and research libraries in Scotland. Data for all SALSER contributing libraries providing current information is available through SUNCAT, the Serials Union Catalogue for the UK.
  • Social Services Abstracts, 2000-2002. Bibliographic coverage of current research focused on social work, human services, and related areas, including social welfare, social policy, and community development. From Cambridge Scientific Abstracts.
  • Sociological Abstracts, 2000-2002. Access to the research literature in sociology and related disciplines in the social and behavioural sciences. From Cambridge Scientific Abstracts.
  • The Statistical Accounts of Scotland Online, 2000-2019. Providing access to scanned pages of the original ‘Old’ and ‘New’ Statistical Accounts, for all of Scotland’s 938 parishes in the 18th and 19th centuries. The Statistical Accounts of Scotland online service is now maintained by the University of Edinburgh Library, a division of the University of Edinburgh’s Information Services.
  • SUNCAT, 2003-2019. Serials union catalogue for research libraries in the UK, containing the serials records and associated holdings of over 120 Contributing Libraries, available in an open discovery layer. Other tools offered include personalisation features, download of records (through the web and via z39.50), holdings comparison. The service was replaced in 2019 by the Jisc’s Library Hub Discover, which includes many of the SUNCAT Contributing Libraries.
  • UK LOCKSS Alliance, 2008-2019. EDINA provided technical support to the UK LOCKSS Alliance, a co-operative movement of UK academic libraries committed to identifying, negotiating, and building local archives of material that librarians and academic scholars deem significant. The service is now supported by a dedicated team at Stanford University Library. For those UK Libraries interested in subscribing to UK LOCKSS Alliance, subscription information can be found on the Jisc Collections Catalogue.
  • Ulrich’s International, 2000-2004. Includes annuals, continuations and conference proceedings, deriving input data from over 80,000 U.S. and foreign serials publishers.


  • Geodoc, 2008-2016. Geospatial metadata creation and publication tool
  • GoGeo, 2008-2016. Geodiscovery portal for the discovery of georeferenced data and resources
  • Mapstream 2010-2020. Web services for map delivery for shcools sector.
  • Openstream 2011-2020. Open web services delivering map data to academic sector.
  • Scottish Spatial Data Infrastructure Discovery Service (SSDI), 2009-2016. Discovery and metadata service for Scottish geospatial resources.
  • ShareGeo Open, retired 2017. The contents of EDINA’s geospatial repository, ShareGeo Open, have been migrated to Edinburgh DataShare. This step was taken to preserve the ShareGeo Open data, after the decision was taken to end the service. Not only has the accessibility of the data been maintained but all the handle persistent identifiers have also been redirected so that any existing links to the data, such as those included in academic journal articles, have been preserved. All the datasets can be found in the new ShareGeo Open Collection:
  • Unlock, 2009-2016. Georeferencing placenames and geographic data searching


  • Education Image Gallery, 2003-2010. Provided access to a collection of 60,000 images, drawn from the vast resources of the Hulton Archive, Photodisc and the Getty Images® News Service.
  • Education Media Online, 2002-2006. Provided access to 10 collections of film and video, digitised through the JISC’s Managing Agent and Advisory Service (MAAS), covering a range of disciplines that include 20th century history and medicine.
  • Film & Sound Online, 2006-2010. A set of collections of film and video, hosted by EDINA and cleared and digitised through JISC’s Managing Agent and Advisory Service (MAAS).
  • NewsFilm Online, 2008-2012. A collection of some 3,000 hours of downloadable television news, cinema newsreels and associated materials, selected from the ITN/Reuters archives including several key cinema newsreels.
  • Jisc MediaHub, 2012-2016. Resources from a wide range of collections, some licensed for educational use by Jisc Collections, others made available by different providers. The Jisc-licensed multimedia content is now available through a new service, MediaPlus.

Learning and Teaching

  • Jorum, 2010-2013. A national online repository service helping to build a community for the sharing, reuse and repurposing of learning and teaching materials. Now available from Jisc at
  • National Learning Network (NLN) Materials, 2003-2007. Flexible ‘bite-sized’ episodes of learning, the NLN materials represent a substantial and wide-ranging collection of e-learning materials; not whole courses but designed to support a wide range of subject and topic areas. Available at

Middleware & Infrastructure

  • GetCopy,  2004-2017 An OpenURL Resolver to help users locate journals, journal articles and similar items.
  • UK RepositoryNet+, 2007-2013. A Jisc-funded socio-technical infrastructure supporting deposit, curation & exposure of Open Access research literature.
  • Repository Junction Broker, 2013-2015. A middleware service for handling the deposit of research articles from a provider to multiple repositories. This proto-service developed into Jisc’s Publications Router.
  • UK Access Management Federation, 2011-2016. EDINA provided support for the authentication service, which is now being run completely by Jisc. See the service website.
  •, retired  2017.  EDINA ran the (Open)Depot service between 2007 and 2017 to support academics in making their research output Open Access. The contents of the repository, OpenDepot, have now been migrated to Zenodo.