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Newsline Summer 2017 | ShareGeo Open

ShareGeo Open - Content migrated into DataShare

We are pleased to report that the entire contents of EDINA’s geospatial repository, ShareGeo Open, have been successfully imported into DataShare, the Univerity of Edinburgh’s data repository.

The step was taken to preserve the ShareGeo Open data, after funding for a stand-alone service ended. Not only have we maintained the accessibility of the data but we also successfully redirected all the handle persistent identifiers so that any existing links to the data, including those included in academic journal articles, have been preserved (see paper). Similarly, should the day ever arrive when DataShare was to be closed, we would endeavour to find a suitable repository to which we could migrate our data to ensure its preservation. We were able to copy the content of almost all metadata fields from ShareGeo to DataShare.

The Collection:


DataShare’s Metadata Schema:

Further details of the transfer: