Digimap - subscription

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers: Digimap Subscription Website

Who do I contact if I need help?

If you need help with the subscription website, or have any questions about subscribing to any Digimap Collection or any bundle, please contact EDINA on edina@ed.ac.uk
or 0131 650 3302

How do I access the subscription website?

You can access the subscription website by going to: https://edina.ac.uk/digimapHE. When you wish to order subscriptions you will need the passcode that has been sent to
your Digimap site representative.

Who in my institution has the passcode?

Passcodes are unique to an institution. Your institution’s passcode has been sent to your Digimap site representative. If you need to know who your Digimap site representative
is, or need a reminder of the passcode, please contact EDINA on edina@ed.ac.uk or 0131 650 3302.

Who should I set up as our supplier?

You need to ensure that the University of Edinburgh is set up as a supplier. The information you need in order to do this is on our website here:

Can I request an invoice to be sent after 31 July?

Yes. You can request an invoice to be sent either before or after 31 July 2018. Please check the appropriate box in the subscription process.

Do we have to commit to a 3 year subscription?

No. The licences run for 12 months from 1 August 2018 to 31 July 2019 so you are only committing to a one year subscription. Prices have been fixed for three years, but
subscription renewal is annual.

Can I review licences before I order a subscription?

Yes. Where licences are available, you will be able to review them prior to ordering a subscription. Where a licence is not yet available you will be able to order the subscription
now and review the licence when available, with the option to withdraw your request for subscription if you are unable to agree to the licence. We will notify you when any licence
becomes available.

Are all the licences available?

Not all the Data Licences are available at present, but we are working to ensure they are available as soon as possible.