On Wednesday 27 November, our Noteable team are travelling to Glasgow to take part in ScotlandIS’ Introduction to Data Science event at Glasgow Clyde College.

We’ll be introducing Jupyter notebooks and Noteable at the University of Edinburgh to Further Education lecturers from across Scotland, and running an introduction to Python course in Noteable. As well as highlighting the benefits of using Noteable for introductory courses, we’ll also be showcasing more advanced notebooks to explore how Noteable can extend the digital capabilities of varying disciplines.

Over the past year, we’ve successfully delivered a test and learn phase for Noteable with six teaching departments and 1,000 students across the University of Edinburgh. We’re moving this pilot into full service mode at the University for academic year 2019/20 and Noteable will be available for other universities to use by the end of 2019. Get in touch if you’d like to find out more.