We are thrilled to announce that the EDINA and the Learning, Teaching and Web team at the University of Edinburgh will be hosting a three-day Jupyter community event from the 29th to 31st May, looking at the use of Jupyter notebooks within teaching.sday 27 November, our Noteable team are travelling to Glasgow to take part in ScotlandIS’ Introduction to Data Science event at Glasgow Clyde College.

The core aspect of this event will be a Hackathon focused on adding improvements, fixes and extra documentation for our Nbgrader extension on Noteable. We’re also planning to run open workshops on using Jupyter and Noteable for teaching, which will target local communities who are interested in using computational notebooks.

The main aim of this event is to improve the existing features within Nbgrader – a tool which allows automatic grading of assignments – allowing the existing Jupyter user community and new users to adopt and use this as an assessment tool alongside Jupyter notebooks. Get involved and help increase the range of opinion and experience within the jupyter user community!

For more information on the event, see the Noteable at Edinburgh website or contact James Slack (University of Edinburgh): james.slack@ed.ac.uk.