The Digital Footprint MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), a free online three-week course co-developed by EDINA, has been featured by press including BBC Radio Scotland, the Scotsman, and the Scottish Sun, as the course’s second run kicked off this week (1st May).

Speaking on BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland earlier this week, EDINA’s Nicola Osborne, explained that the course aims to help participants to better understand their “digital footprint” – the tracks and traces we leave behind online, or left by others about us – and gain the skills needed to curate an effective online presence.

In yesterday’s Scottish Sun Nicola provided some “Digi Dos and Digi Don’ts” to give a brief overview of some best practices and challenges discussed in the course, including managing a digital footprint, engaging in social media and making the most effective use of an online presence.

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The course runs every month and lasts for three weeks; although free, an optional certificate is available for a small fee.

Participants are encouraged to post to the twitter #dfmooc hashtag, to share resources and to engage in discussions.

Read some of the positive feedback received since the course first launched in April.

@suchprettyeyes @dfmooc thanks, storify looks great! Really enjoyed the MOOC, have recommended to colleagues and students.
— Chiara Ciucani (@edinchiara) April 24, 2017

#DFMOOC – a great way to consciously engage with online presence
— Katharina Heil (@Ka_Heil) April 19, 2017

First MOOC completed! Thank you #DFMOOC team and fellow students – learnt a lot not least about how to do digital education well.
— Sara Shinton (@sarashinton) April 18, 2017

The Digital Footprint course has been developed following research undertaken at the University of Edinburgh on how students manage their digital footprint led by Dr Louise Connelly (Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies), working in collaboration with Nicola Osborne (EDINA), Prof. Sian Bayne (Moray House School of Education) and the Edinburgh University Students Association.

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