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The Statistical Accounts of Scotland Online Service is provided by EDINA. The design of the interface and database are property of EDINA.

The maps used in the service appear courtesy of the National Library of Scotland, who encourage re-use of the Library’s map images based on certain conditions of use. These conditions are detailed on their website .

Copyright of page images belongs jointly to the Universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh. Subscribers to the service may print or download, in full, the page images from up to 10 parishes for use in teaching, research or personal educational development. These page images may not be republished in full in any format. A single page image from a parish may be republished on condition that copyright is properly acknowledged (in the form ‘Images from Statistical Accounts Online Service © University of Glasgow and University of Edinburgh’) and a link is provided alongside to the front page of the Statistical Accounts Online Service (in the form ‘The Statistical Accounts of Scotland is available online at’).

Use of images for consultancy or for services leading to their commercial exploitation is prohibited without the explicit permission of the Copyright holders. A request for such permission should be addressed to EDINA in the first instance.


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