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ShareGeo Contribute Help

Submit Process

As a ShareGeo user you are able to contribute (alternatively termed ‘deposit’ or ‘submit’) data to the facility. As ShareGeo is primarily aimed at sharing and reusing geospatial data, the data must be in one of a number of geospatial data formats. The table below shows the currently supported formats:

Table of supported formats
Format Extension and Mandatory Files Name Requirements and Comment
GML Geography Markup Language Needs to be GML inside a ZIP file (not gz). Does not recognise OS coordinate system but defaults to National Grid if coordinates are Cartesian.
GPX GPS Exchange Format Supports GPX 1.0 and 1.1
KML Keyhole Markup Language KMZ files can also be read directly as long as they contain a .kml file. KML files should be in WGS 84 coordinate system.
MIF/MID MapInfo Interchange Format Must include at least one .MIF and .mid file.
TAB (ID MAP DAT) MapInfo Native format Must include .tab, .id, .map and .dat file types
SHP (SHX DBF) ESRI Shapefile Must include a .shp, .shx and .dbs file. Optionally can include .sbx, .prj and .sbn
E00 ArcInfo Export Not currently supported. Please contact EDINA if you require to contribute E00 files.
ASC ArcInfo ASCII Optionally include .asc file
IMG ERDAS Imagine May also include .prj file
TIF GeoTIFF Projection system should be Mercator or WGS 84 for data in geographicals.
TIF Should also have .tfw or .tab world files TIFF with World Files Will try and guess coordinate system. If data is in grid coordinate system, it will default to the British National Grid.
CSV Comma Separated Variable These data must have the same number of columns in every row. Each row describes a point, apart from the first row which must contain the field labels. There must be fields labelled X and Y or LAT and LONG and these columns must contain coordinates for the point the row describes.

Note: If there is a format you would like supported please contact EDINA.

Submission Package

A single geospatial dataset must be archived into a single Zip file (except for KML which can be in a .zip or .kmz file). This single geospatial dataset may consist of multiple files (e.g. a Shapefile would contain a .shp, .dbf, .shx and possibly other files). Additional descriptive files (e.g. .txt,.pdf etc.) can be included in the zip file.

Note: At this point in time connected datasets cannot be uploaded as one package. However it is recommended that links be explicitly illustrated in the metadata and point to the related datasets by name. You are also encouraged to include any documentation, papers or additional metadata that may be useful in the zip file.

What metadata do I need?

The basic metadata that you need to supply is specified here.

If you need/would like to create additional metadata for the dataset you are submitting please use the Go-Geo resources available at:

Coordinate Systems

In all cases, if the coordinate system is unknown or cannot be determined from the source dataset it will be guessed at by looking at the format of the coordinates in the dataset. If the coordinates look like they are in a Cartesian system it will be assumed that the coordinate system is British National Grid. If coordinates look like they are in geographical then it will be assumed that the dataset is in WGS 84. If the submit process guesses the wrong coordinate system or extracts the wrong extent coordinates you can modify these using the map interface that is presented after the data is loaded.

File Size

The cumulative uncompressed file size of all the files in the zip archive must be less than 1GB (1 Gigabyte). If you have a dataset larger than this please split it into smaller files or contact EDINA.

What data can be submitted?

Submission of datasets is restricted to datasets which are 'derived', or are original to the submitting author.


Geospatial data for any part of the world may be submitted to ShareGeo, however the depositor should ensure that it is put in the correct Collection. There are 3 collections that have been set up. These are:

1)UK Data – for data that covers all or part of the UK

2)European Data – for data covers all or part of Europe (excluding UK)

3)World Data – for data that covers all or part of the world (excluding Europe)

During the submission process your submission package will be examined to identify the file format that you are submitting and to extract the extents of the spatial data it contains. During this process this information will be displayed on top of a map background. If the extracted extents are incorrect you should modify them at this stage.

Map check

Dataset Description

You are required to describe the item you are depositing by supplying certain information. There are certain fields that are mandatory and these are indicated by a red * next to them; however other fields should be completed as appropriate and as fully as possible to make future searching easier.


Of particular importance is the section asking for the Digimap Collection(s) from which the submitted dataset is derived or contains information from. This information is used to restrict access to the dataset to users with the appropriate permissions to access it. For instance, if you tag the data as being derived from Ordnance Survey data then only Digimap users who have registered for the Digimap Ordnance Survey collection will be able to access the dataset. If your dataset is derived from data from more than one Digimap collection then multiple collections can be selected. Data derived from a Digimap collection(s) is covered by the Digimap Terms of Use appropriate to the collection(s) from which it is derived. See for more details.