OA-RJ Open Access Repository Junction

Open Access Repository Junction




Why are we doing this?

Interoperability between digital repositories is important, and several projects and organisations are now investigating the broad issues. However, there seems to be little implementation of project outcomes, or cooperation between organisations to achieve greater interoperability between their repositories.

What is it for?

The purpose of this 20-month project is to scope, build and test a deposit broker tool to assist open access deposit into, and interoperability between, existing repository services. We are primarily interested in simplifying the repository deposit workflow for multiple-authored journal articles.

How will it help?

Currently multiple-authored journal articles are deposited singly in either an institutional, funder or subject-based repository. We want to:

  • identify situations where multiple deposit is possible,
  • to develop the mechanisms to enable multiple deposit, and then
  • test them under real-life conditions.

With the help of associate project partners the project will design and build a prototype deposit broker service which will help link creators of content to repository services appropriate to their needs and situation.

Who could benefit?

To achieve meaningful results within the project timescale the OA-RJ project will primarily focus its activities on two main use cases:

  1. the role of the research funding body in the scholarly communication chain as a driver for open access content.
  2. the role of the publisher in the scholarly communication chain as a primary source of open access content.

In the first instance, after successfully authoring a journal article based on research results funded by a research council a principal investigator typically is faced with the choice to deposit a copy of their paper in i) their local institutional repository, ii) a secondary, or even tertiary, institutional repository if multiple collaborators are involved, iii) the research funders repository, or iv) a subject-based repository. In many cases deposit in one or more of these repositories is becoming obligatory due to funders or institutional mandates. A deposit broker tool would help assist the principal investigator to deposit in all the appropriate locations, and also make the whole deposit process as simple as possible. The OA-RJ mantra is “Deposit once, send to many”

The second scenario is based around how a journal publisher can productively become involved in the repository deposit process to make it mutually beneficial. Currently journal publishers are one step removed from the whole repository deposit process even though they are a key part of the scholarly communication chain. The project will investigate, propose and test a mechanism for Journal Publishers to send content directly to institutional repositories. By proactively becoming a source of open access content journal publishers can gain control over which versions are deposited in repositories and also importantly the timing of the deposit.

In both cases we will aim to assist all actors involved in the particular workflow, with particular emphasis on making it as simple as possible for the researcher to become involved in open access deposit.

When will it happen?

The project started on 1st August 2009 and will run until 31st March 2011.

Supported by JISC