Scoping a Geospatial Repository for Academic Deposit and Extraction

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The GRADE Project is now closed. This site will no longer be maintained, and may contain broken links.

Welcome to the Project

GRADE will investigate and report on the technical and cultural issues around the reuse of geospatial data within the JISC IE in the context of media-centric, informal and institutional repositories.

The aim of GRADE is to lay the foundations for a sustainable infrastructure (both cultural and technical) that underwrites the communities' substantial and ongoing investment in the utilisation of geospatial resources within the learning, teaching and research environments of UK academia.

Current News

The GRADE Project is now closed.


The GRADE repository has been reengineered and integrated into Digimap as ShareGeo.

Please use the ShareGeo geospatial data sharing facility within Digimap for finding and sharing data. ShareGeo is accessible to all registered Digimap users.

For more information contact Guy McGarva at

The GRADE Project is now closed.

GRADE events

4 June 2007

The GRADE geospatial repository will be demonstrated at the JISC "Digital repositories - Dealing with the digital deluge" conference at 3.30pm on Tuesday 5th June.

Another date has also been set for the 'GRADE Repository & Go-Geo! metadata workshop UK Tour' (see original news item: 2 October 2006) - this has been confirmed at Aberdeen University for the Marine/ECO-IMAGINE Geospatial Technologies course on Wednesday 25th July 2007.  For further information contact David Green, School of Geosciences, University of Aberdeen.  

Future dates at: Exeter, Manchester and Sheffield have been re-scheduled for the Autumn-term (tbc at all).  To find out more about these events contact Tony Mathys.

New report on informal repositories and users' perspectives

17 May 2007

Robin Smith of The Informatics Collaboratory of the Social Sciences, University of Sheffield ran a workshop investigating users' perspectives on informal data sharing technolgoies.

Article on Legal Report in The Guardian

5 April 2007

Charlotte Waelde's report on 'geospatial databases and the research and education sector in the UK - designing a licensing strategy for sharing and reuse of data' is featured in today's Technology Guardian.

New Legal Report Available

16 March 2007

The report on geospatial databases and the research and education sector in the UK - designing a licensing strategy for sharing and reuse of data is now available.

Read the report on licensing strategy.

New Map-Based Repository Demonstrator Live Today

12 February 2007

The new map-based GRADE geospatial repository demonstrator is now live. You can link to the new repository using the button on the left of this page, or use this link to go to the demonstrator. [Note the link has been removed because the demonstrator is no longer available.]

Added functionality includes a Map-based searching (geospatial search) that allows you to draw a box on a map and search for datasets 'within' and that 'intersect' a defined area. It has an added "By Subject" browse tool that lists datasets by keyword subjects. And, a new upload validation stage, which checks to ensure usable GIS file formats are submitted, automatically populates coordinate metadata fields and extents, and limits zipped file sizes to 1GB and UK-only (for test purposes).

On-going development work in the next weeks will also add in a "By Institution" browse tool, allow you to have a Geospatial and combined word search, and legal guidance to the metadata Licensing/Rights box.

We need your feedback! Please do let us know what you think about the added functions and repository enhancements, how they work for you and any other tools you would like to see. Fill in our 2nd User Survey.

Special thanks go to Alex Mordue and Edward Boyle for all of their technical and development work using DSpace in this last year.

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