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The Depot


August 2006 - November 2009


Put it in the Depot

The Depot was a service that enabled all UK researchers to deposit their academic papers and other outputs under terms of Open Access, including those whose institution did not yet have a repository.

The Depot was provided as a national facility to support the policies of UK universities and national funding agencies towards Open Access, aiding policy development in advance of a comprehensive institutional repository network.

The Depot offered the following features:

  • accepted published papers from researchers at institutions that don't currently have an institutional repository. The principal target is articles that have been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication. These articles are called post-prints
  • redirected users to the correct institutional repository where one already exists
  • supported the transfer of relevant content to help populate new institutional repositories when they are established. Institutions will be notified when deposits are made
  • conformed to institutional repository standards so that Intute: Repository Search and other search engines and services can locate and use the contents of The Depot

After a consultation period with the OA community EDINA felt there was significant value in continuing the Depot in order to assist OA sharing of research output internationally, especially where IR capacity is not yet comprehensive. As a result the Depot was re-purposed, and re-released, as

Project Deliverables

The Depot was managed as a service at EDINA. If you have an enquiry please contact the EDINA helpdesk.

The scoping phase of the Depot was known as the Prospero project (January-July, 2006) and produced a prototype and scoping report.

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