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DISC-UK DataShare


DISC-UK DataShare


DISC-UK = Data Information Specialists Committee – United Kingdom


March 2007 – March 2009


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The DataShare project was based on a distributed model in which each partner was responsible for the work on incorporating research data into their own repositories, yet experience, support and knowledge were shared in order to increase levels of success. This built on the existing informal collaboration of DISC-UK (Data Information Specialists Committee) members (opens new window) for improving their data libraries and models of data support at four institutions: Edinburgh, London School of Economics, Oxford, and Southampton. It also brought academic data libraries in closer contact with e-prints repository managers and developed new forms of cooperation between these distinct groups of information professionals within academic environments. The advantage for the broader community was to provide exemplars for a range of approaches and policies in which to embed the deposit and stewardship of datasets in institutional repositories. Indeed, among the partners there were exemplars for the three main repository solutions: EPrints, DSpace and Fedora. Project management was based at EDINA.

Project Deliverables

  • Exemplars of the process, pitfalls and successful outcomes of setting up an institutional data repository service at each of the four institutions.
  • Documentation and open source code for adapting DSpace, Fedora and EPrints repository software for handling datasets.
  • Toolkits, briefing papers and other outputs to inform UKHE repository community about data management and research support.
  • Enhancements to partners’ IRs including testing for trusted repository status.
  • Technical watch on e-Research, VREs, Web 2.0 and related developments.
  • Papers, presentations and online dissemination of collected knowledge.

EDINA Contacts

Peter Burnhill, Project Director
Robin Rice, Project Manager
Stuart MacDonald, Project Officer


Jisc Repositories and Preservation Programme (opens new window)


  • University of Edinburgh
  • University of Oxford
  • University of Southampton
  • Digital Life Cycle Research & Consulting

DISC-UK DataShare is one of a number of projects funded under Jisc repositories and preservation programmes. Participating institutions collaborate and are involved in a number of related projects. This diagram sketches out the repository experience of project partners.


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