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1 August 2009 to 31 March 2011 (20 months)


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The aim of the OA-RJ projectwas to assist open access deposit into, and interoperability between, existing repository services, by developing a deposit broker system. We were interested primarily in looking at the problems of repository deposit and interoperability faced by researchers who had written a multi-authored journal article from multiple institutions and grant-funding organisations. The project aimed to develop the Repository Junction from its simple form contained within the Depot, into a stand-alone broker mechanism which could be easily adopted and integrated by services or projects run by other institutions or organisations. This project tested the broker model against a number of use case scenarios in ways that we expected to be sufficiently generic to be deployed in other repository workflows and environments.

Project Deliverables

This project had a number of deliverables, including:

  1. Mechanism to negotiate and receive data packages
  2. Broker that parses data objects to deduce appropriate repository targets
  3. Deposit mechanism to pass on package into target repositories
  4. Working Demonstrator for the Research Funder use case scenario
  5. Working Demonstrator for the Journal Publisher use case scenario

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