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Extracting Metadata to Load for Open Access Deposit




March 2008 – ongoing


This project will demonstrate middleware that enables easier deposit of research papers through batch upload of extant bibliographic metadata. This will contribute to the work of the CRIG in the provision of shared infrastructure for digital repositories, taking forward into practice ideas mooted for a ‘deposit engine’. It will also have immediate practical value as this middleware can be employed to assist deposit into the Depot as well as offer facility for repositories more generally, with potential to enhance metadata deposit through transfers and re-directs to institutional repositories (IRs).

Using a web service approach and m2m interfaces such as Deposit API / SWORD, this middleware facility will show proof of concept at an early stage by connecting two existing services: the Depot, a UK repository for researchers who do not have other provision, and, a web site for researchers to build a web page listing their publications. The latter has existing functionality for batch import of bibliographic metadata for a (personal) publications list - from a variety of online sources such as PubMed, Web of Science, and for the same for personal databases, such as EndNote, Reference Manager, BibTeX etc.

Having reviewed the simple single-item deposit workflow, this project will demonstrate the value of acceleration across the workflow, gaining leverage for the depositor, and for repository services, from batch ingest from databases containing structured bibliographic data.

Project Deliverables

We will achieve our stated aims broad aims by following these specific project objectives:

  1. Investigate current interoperability mechanisms developed by the Deposit API / SWORD group, with the view to deploy the technology in a live service environment.

  2. Extend the functionality of the SWORD m2m interface to allow bulk transfer and deposit between services. This will require development effort between both project partners to call the appropriate web service APIs and connect the two services.

  3. We will implement the interconnection in a sandbox installation of PublicationsList and the Depot, and test the workflow on existing users of both services.

  4. Put into operational service in the Depot and, with the view to stimulate deposit within the Depot.

  5. Throughout the project we will engage with the CRIG to pass on project deliverables and outcomes to the wider community.

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