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The course is designed for those who need to present their data spatially. It teaches the principles of good cartographic design and creating maps and other spatial data outputs with impact. This course is aimed at those who are tech competent but don’t necessarily know how to use GIS mapping software. They will need to have awareness of common data and database terminology, spreadsheets etc. to be able to get the most from the course.

With the increasing popularity of visualising data on maps there has been an increase in the number of poorly presented or even misleading graphics being created. After taking this course you will have the skills be able to produce quality visualisations data using colour, 3D, and animation that maximise their visual impact.

The course is taught using the leading free, OpenSource GIS package, QGIS, but the principles apply to all GIS software and some of the leading Web Mapping interfaces. Once the basics have been established we will look at how to make data spatial, how to effectively present your data visually, some advanced visualisation techniques, and finally to incorporate infographics with maps.

The event takes place in the University of Edinburgh’s modern dedicated training facility in Argyle House, with refreshments and lunch provided on the day.

This workshop contains the following activities:

  • 1. Setting up QGIS
    • a. Which plugins to install, changing the language, etc.
  • 2. Understanding Spatial Data
    • a. Data Types
    • b. Projections and Coordinate Reference Systems
  • 3. Making your data Spatial
    • a. Geocoding and Georeferencing datasets
  • 4. Effective Symbolisation
    • a. Cartographic Principles
    • b. Styling by Attributes
  • 5. Advanced Visualisation
    • a. Animated Temporal Maps
    • b. 3D Statistical Maps
    • c. Infographics with maps
  • 6. A Q&A session where you can raise questions about your data and how you'd like to present it.

As well as the talk and instructor led practical exercises you will also benefit from:

  • * A digital copy of the workbook, slides and datasets used during the day
  • * Access to experts in using QGIS
  • * A fully catered event in a modern dedicated training facility

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£250.00 (£200 for University of Edinburgh staff and Students)

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