Monday, August 3, 2015

Image showing street theatre on the Edinburgh Fringe, with the RepoFringe 2015 logo superimposoed

The annual Repository Fringe starts today in Edinburgh.

Repository Fringe provides an annual forum for repository administrators, developers/coders, and information professionals to interact and explore the application of innovative technologies including cultural developments (such as research data management principles and open data, social media, altmetrics) to their ongoing repository work in a relaxed and informal environment.

It draws on alternative meeting formats such as ‘the unconference’, ‘hackdays’, and the wired conference to create an active, participative and eclectic atmosphere within which to share ideas. A festival mood is also enhanced by co-location with the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, which helps to attract national and international delegates to the forum.

Check out the event programme, and join the conversation by using the #rfringe15 hashtag and following @repofringe on Twitter.

And of course, read the blog for live updates on the week's events.