Tuesday, July 18, 2017

We are pleased to announce that content from OpenDepot has now been successfully migrated to the Zenodo platform.

After ten years of continuous operation, OpenDepot.org ended operation as a separate service on 17th July 2017.

Originally called the The Depot, the service was launched in 2007 as a repository service for researchers (primarily in the UK) who did not have access to an institutional repository, to provide a place for them to deposit their open-access research papers. This was part of a concerted programme of investment in repository services, led and funded by JISC (now called Jisc). JISC withdrew funding from The Depot in 2009, and EDINA rebadged it as OpenDepot.org, expanding its scope to an international user-base. It has continued since then with no external funding, with the support of the University of Edinburgh.

As an early and important component in the programme to establish repository services and infrastructure in the UK, OpenDepot.org has, in the end, been a victim of this programme's success. The need for a repository of this sort has gradually diminished, as repository services have become ubiquitous in the UK's Higher Education Institutions, the number of extra-institutional and subject-based repositories has increased, and supported alternatives have been established elsewhere. It is now relatively straightforward for a researcher, especially in the UK, to find an appropriate place to deposit their open-access publications.

Before taking OpenDepot.org offline, EDINA ensured that all papers deposited in OpenDepot were copied to an alternative open-access repository. Having considered some options, EDINA approached the team at Zenodo, who agreed to accept copies of and make available all papers currently in OpenDepot.org. Zenodo is committed to open-access to research outputs, and enjoys significant support from the European Commission.

EDINA would like to thank all those who have deposited papers into OpenDepot.org for the last 8 years and, in so doing, contributing to the cause of open-access to publicly-funded research.