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December 2004: Volume 9, Issue 4

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Support for IP enabled access

by Ben Soares

An institution can now request that access to the Education Media OnLine (EMOL) and Education Image Gallery (EIG) services be enabled through IP checking.

Allowing access through IP checking may seem a simple option, but as the identity of the user is not established, functionality which depends on this knowledge – such as user profiles and email alerts – is not available. Usage statistics available to the institution will reflect access by IP number rather than individual user.

This option is available in addition to the use of the Athens Access Management system, which remains the currently preferred mechanism used to check access eligibility to EDINA services. In the case of the EMOL restricted films, Athens is still the only access mechanism offered.

EDINA will be examining the feasibility of extending IP enabled access to further services where appropriate and where licensing conditions allow.