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December 2004: Volume 9, Issue 4

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The Feds are coming: developments in access control

The JISC has chosen the technology for access management to replace EduServ Athens currently used to log into JISC-sponsored services, with a view to its launch into service in 2006.

With the biblical name of Shibboleth, this comes from the US-based Internet2 initiative. Each community of service providers and user institutions using Shibboleth for access management is called a “federation”.

JISC has funded EDINA to set up a prototype federation for UK higher and further education as part of the Shibboleth Development and Support Services (SDSS) project. This is in addition to the work EDINA and MIMAS are carrying out to enable Shibboleth-based access to their services.

The University of Newcastle has become the first Shibboleth-enabled institutional user of an EDINA service, successfully accessing BIOSIS using the new technology.

The project is now actively seeking to work with other early-adopters of Shibboleth: they will benefit from being able to use the same usernames and passwords for external services like EDINA BIOSIS and for local on-campus services (such as room-booking or secure exam databases).

The system supports single-sign-on, so a username and password only needs to be given once in a session to access any mix of on-campus or external resources.

EduServ are implementing a gateway to provide Athens users with access to Shibboleth resources.

The feds are definitely coming!