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December 2004: Volume 9, Issue 4

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Digimap opens a window to the past

by Tim Riley

Prototype interface for the Historic Mapping ServiceAfter five years of delivering contemporary Ordnance Survey (OS) maps and mapping data to tertiary education, EDINA Digimap will soon be offering access to historical maps of Great Britain, dating from 1843 onwards.

Following an agreement made between the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) and the Landmark Information Group, JISC have asked EDINA to develop a service to deliver the valuable Landmark® historic map collection to the further and higher education community.

The Landmark historic map data are digital scans of OS paper map sheets. These include:

The historic map service will be part of the Digimap suite of on-line mapping facilities. As such, its look and feel will be familiar to existing Digimap users, and intuitive to all, regardless of their level of experience with maps. Users will be able to view maps through their web browser, save maps for printing, and download the historic map data for use in geographical information systems and other image viewers.

Institutional subscriptions will be separate from the subscription for the existing Digimap service; institutions will be able to choose to have access to contemporary OS maps, the Landmark historic OS maps, or both.

Early Access

A Pilot Service will be made available during March 2005. If you want to be an early adopter of the service, wish to take part in associated workshops and usability testing, or just want more information, please contact EDINA (