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June 2011: Volume 16 Issue 2

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Release of OpenURL Router Data

EDINA has released the first set of OpenURL Router Data under the Open Data Commons – Public Domain Dedication Licence (ODC-PDDL) with Attribution Sharealike Community Norms.

This is the product of JISC-funded project activity, and provides a unique data set derived from the log of requests to the OpenURL Router.

The data captured vary from request to request since different users enter different information into requests. Further information on the details of the data set, sample files and the data itself is available at OpenURL Router Data.

The team would like to thank all the institutions involved in this initiative for their participation.

Further data will be made available monthly, and a prototype application will be developed based on the data in the coming months.

If you use the data please do let us know at edina@ed.ac.uk, or tweet using #openurlrd.