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March 2009: Volume 14.1

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Welcome to Newsline, the newsletter of EDINA, a JISC-funded National Datacentre.

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In this Issue:

An important year for repositories

An overview of repository activity at EDINA as of March 2009

Reviewing the role of the Depot

Funding will end soon for the Depot repository service, so we need your help to decide what to do next

Wellcome addition to Film & Sound Online

A new collection of films from Wellcome add value to the EDINA film and sound service

CAB Abstracts service improvements

A recent upgrade offers more features to users

Gold from straw: usage log data - what are they good for?

An EDINA project looks at ways to use aggregated usage data from OpenURL

UK federation news

Short news items from the UK federation

Survey of European national mapping agencies

An EDINA-led survey takes stock of national mapping across Europe

New media advisory website offers support for EDINA services

JISC Digital Media takes over from TASI

Forthcoming Events

Upcoming conferences, exhibitions, and training events.


EDINA, based in Edinburgh, Scotland, is a JISC-funded national datacentre. It offers the UK tertiary education and research community networked access to a library of data, information and research resources. All EDINA services are free of charge at the point of use. For information on institutional subscription fees, visit the EDINA web site, or contact us (details below).


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