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December 2008: Volume 13 Issue 4

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Go-Geo screenshot.

Go-Geo! International Gateway leads to a world of data.

Go-Geo! enhancements

Recent visitors to Go-Geo! will have noticed several new key features to this open-access portal.

Our new international gateway is available via a link from the home page to other international geoportals. Alternatively, browse records describing international geospatial data created by UK academics.

My Go-Geo! now allows registered users of the service to bookmark their favourite web resources, manage their metadata news subscriptions and directly access all metadata records listed within their private institutional nodes.

The metadata editor tool has a new name – GeoDoc – and an easily recognisable logo. To complement our new international gateway, users can now use GeoDoc to document their international geospatial datasets.

These changes represent the first of many scheduled for the coming year. Make a point of bookmarking the site and reading Newsline for further announcements.