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December 2008: Volume 13.4

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Welcome to Newsline, the newsletter of EDINA, a JISC-funded National Datacentre.

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Correction: The University of Edinburgh, in its role as a CLOCKSS Archive Node, will be securely holding copies of content from CLOCKSS publishers. EDINA acts as a CLOCKSS Delivery Platform, and will only hold content that has been “orphaned”; it does not hold all content, as incorrectly stated in the last addition of Newsline Vol 13, Issue 3.

In this Issue:

NewsFilm Online opens window on 20th Century

The new service was launched to industry acclaim.

Historic Digimap service improvements

Interface improvements, more metadata, and the addition of large-scale town plans.

Go-Geo! enhancements

A new international data portal is only one of a raft of enhancements to the geo-spatial data service.

UKBORDERS: new metadata search service and EasyDownload makeover

You can now search UKBORDERS metadata. Also, EasyDownload has become even easier.

European Spatial Data Infrastructure Network project commences

EDINA begins its role in a project to integrate European data infrastructures.

GeoCrossWalk now available via Digimap

An initial release of the middleware gazetteer service and georeferencing infrastructure service is now available to developers via the Digimap interface.

DataShare Briefing Paper: Spatial Data in a Web 2.0 Environment

A briefing paper detailing and comparing a number of spatial data visualisation tools, mashups and initiatives is now available.

UK LOCKSS paper at International Preservation Conference

Read "Establishing a Community-based Approach to Electronic Journal Archiving: the UK LOCKSS Pilot Programme"

New serials information added to SUNCAT

The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) and the serials holdings of the University of the West of England have been recently added to the catalogue.

EDINA Annual and Community Reports updated

Two documents summarising recent activities at EDINA have been published and are available for download.

25th anniversary celebration for the Data Library

The Edinburgh University Data Library is celebrating 25 years of support for staff and students in their discovery, access, use and management of research datasets.

A new look for the Education Image Gallery

The Education Image Gallery (EIG) service will have an updated user interface from January 2009.

Forthcoming Events

Upcoming conferences, exhibitions, and training events.


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