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June 2008: Volume 13 Issue 2

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Digimap access: re-registration

Authentication methods used to gain access to Digimap can be summarised as follows:

Before 1 August 2008 From 1 August 2008
Athens withdrawn
Shibboleth-to-Athens Gateway withdrawn
Shibboleth (UK federation) Shibboleth (UK federation)
Athens-to-Shibboleth Gateway (OpenAthens) available since June 2008 Athens-to-Shibboleth Gateway (OpenAthens)

As with other JISC-supported services, institutions will need to join the UK federation (either by use of an in-house Identity Provider or with OpenAthens) in order to enable their users to access Digimap.

In addition, the terms of use for the Digimap Collections (with the exception of Historic Digimap) require that each user registers individually. Users who are already accessing Digimap through the UK federation will have continuity of service and will not be required to re-register. This includes those who will be accessing Digimap using OpenAthens.

Users at institutions operating an in-house Identify Provider, but who are currently accessing Digimap with Athens logins, will be required to re-register. Users need re-register only once even if they had initially registered separately for each of Marine Digimap, Geology Digimap and Digimap’s Ordnance Survey Collection.

EDINA is providing a way for users to transfer any personalisation information saved with their previous Athens account (such as data download histories for MasterMap Download) to their new UK federation identity. This lets each user link their existing Athens registration with their new identity in a two-stage process.

The first stage collects additional information from the user. The second stage uses this information to confirm that the new and old accounts relate to the same individual. The two registration records are then linked so that any previous personalisation within Digimap Collections continues to be available to the user. Should it not be possible to link accounts, new accounts can be registered with Digimap in the usual way.