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December 2007: Volume 12 Issue 4

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Festive images from Getty

These photos are a small sample of the wide variety of copyright-cleared Getty images in the Education Image Gallery, at EDINA. We hope these seasonal shots will tempt you to have a further look at this tremendous resource for UK FE and HE, to which some 100 institutions already subscribe. 30-day institutional-wide trials are available for non-subscribers. Alternatively, we have created over 20 Curriculum-Related Picture Trails to highlight other themes within the service. These are openly viewable on our website at:

Image of Christmas Mistletoe Blessed In Druid Ceremony

Christmas Mistletoe Blessed In Druid Ceremony

© Getty Images

Image of a couple skating on ice

Dancing on Ice

© Getty Images

Image of people in Santa Clause outfits running

Santa Fun Run Held In Newtown

© Getty Images

Image of children with Christmas holly

Christmas Kids

© Getty Images