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June 2007: Volume 12 Issue 2

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SeaZone Hydrospatial socioeconomic information.
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Digimap goes to sea

Digimap aims to provide its users with key base mapping and data. To that end the service has been gradually expanding, now delivering not only contemporary Ordnance Survey (OS) data but historical OS mapping and BGS geological maps and data too.

Another key collection will be added this autumn with the launch of Marine Digimap: providing marine and coastal zone mapping and data from SeaZone Solutions Ltd.

The new service will provide raster marine maps of various scales and detail (derived from Admiralty Charts), which are ideal for back-drop mapping in the UK coastal zone. The real advance though, is that users will be able to download SeaZone Hydrospatial - a feature rich vector GIS product, containing “topic” layers such as “Bathymetry and Elevation”, “Structures and Obstructions” and “Conservation and Environmental Protection” amongst others.

But who needs these data? Well, many teaching and research subject areas will benefit from having access to Marine Digimap: Coastal Planning, Marine Biology and Ecology, Marine and Coastal Leisure Management, Engineering/Technology and all Ocean and Earth Sciences. No doubt, as with all the existing Digimap Collections, there will be use found for the marine data that neither EDINA, JISC or SeaZone can predict!

Marine Digimap will require institutional subscription and user registration and will be available in the Autumn 2007.