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Maps & Data

Maps & Datasets

Digimap Collections

View, annotate and print maps; Download data for GIS and CAD software

  • Ordnance Survey maps and data including: MasterMap Topo and ITN; OS OpenData; Colour Raster maps
  • British Geological Survey On- and Off-shore maps and data; plus detailed rock information and photos
  • Historic Ordnance Survey maps from 1843 to 1996 at scales ranging from 1:500 to 1:10,560
  • Marine Charted Raster maps, and Hydrospatial and Bathymetry data for the UK coastal zone
  • Environment Land cover data from the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology for both mapping and data download
Digimap for Colleges

A free online mapping service providing Ordnance Survey mapping to colleges

Search, view and print a wide range of maps

Enhance maps with annotation and measuring tools

UK Data Service Census Support

Access – Digitised boundaries and geographic lookup tables for the UK

Create – Thematic maps using your data and supported geographies

Datasets available:

  • Census boundaries (historic and current)
  • Administrative boundaries
  • Electoral boundaries

Map and download data derived from Agricultural and Horticultural Censuses of Great Britain

Provides realistic estimates of what is produced, how much is produced and where it was produced.

For Schools

Digimap for Schools

An online mapping service providing Ordnance Survey mapping to schools

Search, view and print a wide range of maps

Enhance maps with annotation and measuring tools

Digimap for Schools Mapstream

An online mapping service for UK schools that

  • Connects to data servers
  • Streams Ordnance Survey mapping data directly
  • Removes the need to download, store and manage vast amounts of data on a local disk or network
  • Seamlessly loads mapping data into your GIS as you pan and zoom around Great Britain.

Sharing Data

ShareGeo Open

Find – Search for user-contributed datasets

Re-use – Download datasets for research, teaching and learning

Share – Contribute your own datasets for others to use

Open – There are Open and Digimap licensed versions for datasets with different origins


Research Data Management Training (MANTRA) is a course designed for PhD students and others who are planning a research project using digital data

Services developed for partner organisations

EDINA partners with outside organisations to provide information architecture, website support and hosting.


The Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation (ESPA) research programme aims to deliver high-quality, cutting-edge research that will improve our understanding of the way ecosystems function, the services they provide and their relationship with the political economy and sustainable growth.


The Applied Quantitative Methods Network (AQMeN) is a Research Centre that aims to develop a dynamic and pioneering set of projects to improve our understanding of current social issues in the UK and provide policy makers and practitioners with the robust independent research-based evidence.

Scottish GeoPortal

EDINA has formed a partnership with the Scottish Government to develop, manage and host a discovery metadata service as a key component of a Scottish Spatial Data Infrastructure, to underpin the Scottish Government's INSPIRE commitments and infrastructure.

UK Location Metadata Editor

Part of the UK Location Infrastructure (UK LI). The UK Location Metadata Editor is designed to assist in the creation, management and publication of standards compliant geospatial metadata

Administrative Data Research Centre for Scotland

The Administrative Data Research Centre for Scotland is led by the University of Edinburgh, and brings together major Scottish research centres involved, among other activities, in linking and analysing large datasets geocoding, natural language processing and machine learning.

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