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GetRef is no longer an active service.
These pages are provided as an archive for information only.

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GetRef is a fully functional cross-searching tool that enables the user to present a simple search string to multiple services and receive the matching results from each. GetRef is the fruit of the Xgrain (cross-grain) project, which looked at ways to develop a cross-searching (federated searching) mechanism for Abstract and Indexing databases and other bibliographic services in the JISC Information Environment.

GetRef is available to the UK FE and HE communities.

Please contact if you would like to test GetRef. We will create a simple profile for your institution, which will use the appropriate credentials to give you access to subscription services from within GetRef.

GetRef will allow searching of bibliographic targets that provide a suitable interface (usually this will be Z39.50, though GetRef will support other standards such as SRW/CQL, and will support non-standard interfaces where documentation is made available). The targets currently available represent those that we have been asked to provide; this is not a comprehensive list.

GetRef has the following features:

For more information please contact

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