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GetCopy is release version of the user interface developed as part of the (significantly less pronounceable) ZBLSA project, to develop an OpenURL resolver for the UK Higher and Further Education and research communities. This user interface was formerly released in prototype form under the name Balsa.


Queries are constructed according to the OpenURL standard, using the base

In the normal course of events, queries are constructed by portals or abstracting and indexing services, etc., which are described as being "OpenURL aware"; a button or link is provided to allow the user to locate the item that they have found. Links can also be constructed very easily for a library e-journals list, bibliographies in researchers' personal web pages, or any web page listing journals or full citations.

GetCopy can also be used to locate articles from a citation obtained from a source that does not support OpenURL linking, including paper copies of journals. When GetCopy is invoked without any parameters ( a simple search form is displayed (please note this form is under development, and does not currently support all fields that may be included in an OpenURL).


Click on the locate this
 article with GetCopy buttons below to search for these example citations using GetCopy.

Further information

If you have any further queries, please email the EDINA Helpdesk.

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