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EDINA Geoforum 2012


National Railway Museum, York
Walker Suite
Leeman Road
YO26 4XJ


20 June 2012


10:00 - 16:00


Geoforum is a free all day event aimed at lecturers, researchers and support staff who promote and support the use of Geoservices at their institution. The day will inform you of current geospatial developments at EDINA and the wider community, including the projects we are working on at the moment. It will also be an opportunity for you to give us feedback on the services we are providing and discuss geospatial issues with the team.

The day will be a mixture of presentations and workshops with plenty of time for networking with other geospatial people from across academia. Previous Geoforum events have been very successful in providing a space for those attending to share ideas about teaching and research using maps and spatial data.

Reasons for Attending:

  • Get up-to-date with all the latest geo datasets and services available from EDINA.
  • Find out how site reps at other institutions are promoting and supporting the use of geo-services.
  • Learn how some of EDINA's shared services can be used at your institution:
    • Embed Ordnance Survey maps in websites with Digimap OpenStream
    • Search text documents or websites searches for place names with Unlock Text.
    • Create thematic maps online using your own data, without GIS software.
  • Meet representatives of the data providers including: Ordnance Survey, British Geological Survey and Landmark Solutions.
  • Speak to GIS software vendors ESRI UK and Cadcorp about the latest software developments and how they can help you and your institution.




10:00 Registration with Refreshments
10:25 Welcome
10:30 What EDINA is Working on, including:
  • Digimap's new Home Page
  • Data Download Usability
  • Mobile Apps and Augmented Reality
11:25 Break with Refreshments
11:45 Keynote Speaker - Professor Dave Martin
12:10 Lightning Talks from our Partners and Suppliers
12:45 Lunch Including:
  • Service Demonstrations
  • Visit the stands of our Partners and Suppliers
14:00 Projects and Middleware Demonstrations:
  • Addressing History
  • Unlock
  • GoGeo / Geodoc / ShareGeo
  • OpenStream
  • Thematic Mapper
Support Workshop covering the following areas:
  • Your top 10 FAQs
  • How is GIS & CAD used at your institution?
  • What support do materials you need from EDINA?
  • How do you find out information about Geoservices?
  • What else can we do to help your institution use Digimap?
14:55 Break with Refreshments
15:15 EDINA future developments
15:35 User Feedback on EDINA's Geo-Services
15:50 Closing Remarks
16:00 Close

Keynote Speaker:

Dave Martin, Professor of Geography, University of Southampton and Director of the ESRC Census Programme.


Booking for this event has now closed, if you have any questions or need any more information then please email us: or call us on: 0131 650 3302.

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