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The EDINA GeoForum 2007

15 June 2007
Centenary Gallery, Parkinson Building,
Leeds University

This page provides links to the presentations delivered at the EDINA GeoForum 2007 on 15th June, at the University of Leeds. If you have comments on the content or feedback from the event, please do not hesitate to contact us on EDINA helpdesk

The theme for this year's GeoForum is the Geospatial Working Group's proposed vision and the strategic direction for the provision of geo-spatial services and facilities across the UK academic section. With this in mind, the final session of the GeoForum will provide time to discuss the future of geospatial services provision in the light of the GWG's proposed strategy. If you have questions about such matters, please bring them with you. There will also be a chance to submit questions about the proposed Vision itself on Friday 15th June.

10.00-10.30 Registration and demonstrations
10.30-10.35 Welcome
10.35-11.10 JISC Geospatial Working Group (GWG) Vision Peter Halls, University of York
11.10-11.40 Go-Geo! and GRADEAnne Robertson, EDINA
11.40-12.00 New Satellite Imagery and Geodata Services from Satellite Image data ServiceKamie Kitmitto, MIMAS
12.00-12.20 Web Mapping & Mashups Jon Blower, Reading eScience Centre
12.20-13.45 Lunch & demonstrations
13.45-14.15 Census Portal David Hall, UKDA
14.15-14.40 Geology Digimap Tom Armitage, EDINA
14.40-15.05 Marine Digimap Tim Riley, EDINA
15.05-15.25 Coffee break
15.25-15.45 MasterMap Emma Sutton, EDINA
15.45-16.05 Forum Discussion: GWG Vision Feedback "The Road to Know Where. Know Where it is!" Led by David Medyckyj-Scott, EDINA
16.05-16.15 Summary & Close.

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