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EDINA 10th Anniversary

In 2006 EDINA celebrates ten years of operation as a JISC-funded National Data Centre. Throughout the year we intend to mark the landmark we a variety of activities. We started with an afternoon and evening event in January and will be continuing with other events, highlighted on our Events Page, as information becomes available.

The theme is one of consultation, to which end we would like to hear from you as a user of our services or projects, member of staff supporting their use or a merely as an interested party. Please contact us with your comments.

On 25th January 2006, EDINA celebrated ten years as a JISC National Data Centre. As part of this celebration we held an afternoon event followed by a Burns Night dinner and ceilidh. All events took place at the University of Edinburgh.

The purpose of the event in the afternoon was to look to the next 10 years, with reflection on past achievement, promotion of present activity, and insight from others to help identify areas in which EDINA could flourish and continue to make a significant difference. EDINA has a broad remit as a JISC National Data Centre and several areas of strategic significance compete for attention.

A "balloon debate" that was held as part of the afternoon event was audio recorded, and is available from the programme page (see link below), as well as selected presentations.

Full Programme for the 25th January 2006.

The digital library landscape and trends in the world of Web 2.0

Presentation by Lorcan Dempsey, Vice President (Research), OCLC

Monday 3 July 2006, 2.00 p.m., Brenda Moon Room

This event is hosted by University of Edinburgh Information Services on behalf of Edinburgh University Library and EDINA, and is part of EDINA's 10th Anniversary Celebrations

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