British Geological Survey Products Available through Digimap


The following British Geological Survey products are available through Digimap. This page provides access to further information about each of the products. More extensive information about the data and its use is available to registered users within the Digimap service.

British Geological Survey Products Available through Digimap for 2010 - 2016
DiGMapGB - 50
The largest scale geology data (1:50,000) available with national coverage for the UK. Onshore data with Bedrock, Superficial Deposits, Mass Movement and Artificial Ground polygon layers. There area also many linear feature layers including Faults, Fossil Horizons and Fold axis among many others. The data is divided up into tiles roughly equivalent to the paper map sheets. There is a different tiling system for Scotland compared to England and Wales. Available in Shapefile and MIF / MID formats.
DiGMapGB - 250
A mid-scale (1:250,000) product with Bedrock and Faults layers. The data is provided as 100km x 100km tiles. Available in Shapefile and MIF / MID formats.
DiGMapGB - 250 Offshore
A mid-scale (1:250,000) product with Bedrock, Sea Bed Sediment and Linear Feature layers. The data is provided single shapefiles for each layer. Available in Shapefile and MIF / MID formats.
DiGMapGB - 625
Small scale mapping (1:625,000) for the whole of the UK. The data consists of one tile with both Bedrock and Superficial Deposits layers for the whole of the UK. Available in Shapefile and MIF / MID formats.
Rock Lexicon
Details such as age, characteristics and extent of each Rock Unit shown on geological maps. The data is available in the Geology Maps information tool, and also as a searchable database. NOTE: The Lexicon is a work in progress and approximately 15% of the entries are complete, many of the rest are placeholders for now. Available directly from the BGS web site as an Excel Spreadsheet.

The data comes in ESRI Shapefile and MapInfo MIF / MID formats and so is ready to load directly into a GIS. ESRI Shapefiles are provided with AVL legend files to apply the official BGS colour scheme to the data. MIF / MID files already contain all the information needed to display the geology data.

Other British Geological Survey products may be added in future years, although this is entirely at the discretion of JISC and British Geological Survey. However, Digimap is a delivery mechanism to which many other datasets can be added. If there are particular datasets you would like to see available through Digimap, please contact EDINA (

EDINA provides support in the use of British Geological Survey data for key GIS software in use by the HE community, but does not recommend any particular software packages. You can find details of your Digimap Site Representative on the EDINA web site. They will be able to put you in touch with your institution's experts.

IMPORTANT: Each user must read the Terms of Use for the Digimap service when they register. These, and the Frequently Asked Questions on the Sub-Licence Agreement are available on the EDINA web site, and can be viewed from within the service. These specify what you can and cannot do with the data. If you are in any doubt as to the terms of use for Digimap, please do not hesitate to contact EDINA with your query.

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