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Support for Developers and Librarians

Repositories & Preservation


The RIOXX Guidelines and Application Profile provide a mechanism for institutional repositories in use in the UK Higher Education sector to comply with the RCUK policy on open access.

International facility to deposit peer-reviewed papers, articles, and book chapters (e-prints).

The Keepers Registry

The Keepers Registry Beta service provides easily accessible information about the archiving arrangements for electronic journals.

UK LOCKSS Alliance

The UK LOCKSS Alliance is a cooperative of libraries locally maintaining e-journal archives; EDINA provides technical and organisational support.


EDINA acts as an open access platform for orphaned e-journal content from the CLOCKSS Archive Node maintained by the University of Edinburgh.

Middleware & Infrastructure

Digimap OpenStream

The Digimap OpenStream service provides access to a Web Map Service (WMS) offering Ordnance Survey OpenData products.

OpenURL Router

The OpenURL Router works by offering a central registry of institutions' OpenURL resolvers. An institution registers details of its resolver just once, at When the resolver has been registered at, any service provider can provide users from that institution with OpenURL links to their resolver.

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