the Depot - now available via JISCmail lists

15 October 2008

EDINA and JISCmail have been working together and are now pleased to offer access to the Depot from the JISCmail Tools area of all list homepages.

The Depot is the JISC-funded service which enables all UK academics to share in the benefits of open access exposure for their research outputs.

The Depot offers an automatic re-direct service, nicknamed UK Repository Junction, to ensure that users who have an existing Institutional Repository (IR) are directed to that local service. Those researchers at institutions that do not currently have an Institutional Repository can deposit their research outputs directly into the Depot.

For enquires about the new facility, please contact

For general Depot queries, please contact us via

EDINA, University of Edinburgh
Argyle House, 3 Lady Lawson Street
Edinburgh, United Kingdom EH3 9DR
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