Digimap and OS OpenData

5 April 2010

EDINA welcomes the release of Ordnance Survey datasets for free use and re-use. We are working to fully realise the opportunities offered by this new policy for the enhancement and development of new and existing services for research and education.

As many will already know the Government published details on 31 March 2010 of the package of datasets and products from Ordnance Survey that are now available under OS OpenData. The list coincides partially with the datasets currently available through EDINA Digimap – see below. Note especially that OS MasterMap, the large-scale vector data, is only available through registration with EDINA Digimap.

The key task for EDINA Digimap is to provide ease and continuity of access to a whole range of geo-spatial datasets, including re-use in materials that are shared in research and teaching. So we are seeking clarification from Ordnance Survey regarding the licence terms that can apply to the data available through Digimap now covered under OS OpenData.

The release of many Ordnance Survey datasets as open data is also good news for Unlock, the EDINA service which is there to help you geo-enable research data and other Internet-accessible documents and images. Unlock, and its predecessor GeoCrossWalk, were previously limited by license to academic use only. Relevant datasets now regarded as open data, including Boundary-Line, Code-Point® Open and the 1:50 000 gazetteer of place names, can now be used by Unlock Places, Unlock Text and Unlock Geocodes. For more info, see the Unlock blog.

We are keen to learn from users of Digimap how you wish us to take best advantage of these changes in availability and licensing. Contact us by email on edina@ed.ac.uk or leave a comment on the Digimap blog.

Product Name EDINA Digimap OS OpenData
OS MasterMap Topography Yes No
OS MasterMap ITN Yes No
1:10 000 Scale Raster Yes No nearest equivalent is OS StreetView
1:25 000 Scale Colour Raster Yes No
1:50 000 Scale Colour Raster Yes No
1:250 000 Scale Colour Raster Yes Yes
MiniScale® Yes Yes
Meridian™2 Yes Yes
Strategi® Yes Yes
Land-Form PANORAMA® Contour Yes Yes
Land-Form PANORAMA® DTM Yes No
Land-Form PROFILE® Yes No
Boundary-Line® Yes Yes
Code-Point® Yes No
CodePoint® with Polygons Yes No
Code-Point® Open (point data only; subset of Code-Point®) No Yes
1:50 000 Scale Gazetteer Yes Yes
OS StreetView No nearest equivalent is 1:10 000 Scale Raster Yes
OS Locator No Yes
OS VectorMap District (from 1 May 2010) No Yes

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