CLOCKSS preserves access to discontinued OUP title

30 May 2009

Oxford Journals have announced that the journal "Brief Treatment and Crisis Intervention", which had been discontinued, will be accessible through CLOCKSS.

"Brief Treatment and Crisis Intervention" ceased publication at the end of 2008. Archival content from volume 1, issue 1 (2001) to volume 8, issue 4 (2008) will be removed from the Oxford Journals online platform at the end of May 2009. This removal has acted as a "trigger event" to prompt CLOCKSS, one of OUP's preservation partners, to provide free access to the title and take responsibility for its ongoing long-term preservation.

CLOCKSS, or Controlled LOCKSS, is a unique not-for-profit joint venture founded by top research libraries and publishers. CLOCKSS is committed to ensuring long lives for its web-based scholarly publications. Because CLOCKSS participants govern the archive themselves, they have greater influence over the industry policies and practices that impact them the most.

Built on open source LOCKSS™ technology, the CLOCKSS archive comprises geographically dispersed "archive nodes" located at 12 major research libraries, into which nearly 60% of the world's e-content is ingested and preserved.

The University of Edinburgh (Information Services) is an archive node, whilst EDINA acts as a "CLOCKSS Delivery Host".

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