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Digimap Login Help

If you are having trouble logging in to Digimap, please try the following instructions.

1. The Login Popup >> 2. Click Login >> 3. Select your institution >> 4. Login >> 5. It worked >> 6. It didn't work

IMPORTANT: Access to Digimap is is controlled by your institution. You should use the same username and password as other electronic resources to which your institution provides access to. If you have forgotten your password or have difficulties accessing services please contact the support staff at your institution.

1. The Login Popup

When you first arrive at the Digimap Home page a popup will appear over the homepage prompting you to login.

Screenshot of the Digimap page showing the UK federation login dialogue

2. Click the Login button.

  • If you have already authenticated with your institution since you last re-started your web browser, this will take you straight to the service. Note: You may have already authenticated by logging in to your local portal.
  • If you have NOT already authenticated, you will be taken through the steps below.
  • If you choose to Explore you can login in later by clicking the link at the top right of the home page:
Screenshot of the Digimap home page login button

3. Selecting your home institution

After clicking the login button you should see a web page like this:

screenshot of WAYF interface
  • Begin typing your own institution into the box, the names of applicable institutions will appear as you type.
  • Pick your institution from the list and click the "Continue" button.
  • Institutions that you have used before may appear as shortcuts above the search.

4. Login to your institution

You will then proceed to you local instituition's login page, enter your username and password as requested. This page belongs to your institution and will be part of their website.

WAYF interface showing dropdown list of menus and authentication dialogue box.

NOTE: If you can't find your institution listed here, please talk to your local support team for help.

5. It worked...

If your password has been accepted, briefly you should see a message entitled "Shibboleth Authentication Request Processed". This may be displayed for a few seconds. Following this, you should see the Digimap Collections page. It looks like this:

Screenshot of the Digimap page after successfully logging in

6. It didn't work....

If this process did not work, please check the following list of troubleshooting notes. These may help you identify the problem and find the best person to help you: Troubleshooting Notes.

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