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Our History

Students at the University of Edinburgh

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Edinburgh University Data Library has been in operation since 1983 and, to this day, assists users at the University of Edinburgh in the discovery, access, use and management of research datasets.

In 1995 it was designated a national data centre by the Joint Information Systems Committee (Jisc) following an open competition, and subsequently named 'EDINA'.

Our name

The name "EDINA" was chosen as the ancient, poetic name for Edinburgh, and a word that could be made into a sensible back-formed acronym, originally standing for "Edinburgh Data and Information Access".

EDINA was launched on 25th January 1996. The world also observes another anniversary on this date: the birth of the great Scottish poet Robert Burns. The University’s Library Collection has given permission for us to provide you with scanned copy of the manuscript of his poem ‘Address to Edinburgh’, which begins ‘Edina! Scotia’s darling seat!’

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EDINA, University of Edinburgh
Argyle House, 3 Lady Lawson Street
Edinburgh, United Kingdom EH3 9DR
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EDINA is the Jisc centre for digital expertise & online service delivery at the University of Edinburgh.