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EDINA develops and delivers world-class online services and expertise that benefit research and education in the UK and beyond.

EDINA is a Jisc centre for digital expertise & online service delivery, operating since 1995/96. Organisationally, we are part of the EDINA and Data Library division of Information Services at the University of Edinburgh


To be integral to the quality and productivity of research and education, in the UK and beyond.

Mission Statement

We develop and deliver online services and digital infrastructure for UK research and education that are high quality and cost-effective, drawing upon knowledge and expertise gained through research, innovation and development.

Our Values

  • Innovation for the benefit of research, education and the wider society
  • Engagement with stakeholders, customers, partners and users, nationally and internationally
  • Expertise and understanding gained from the deployment of staff and technology in one of the world’s leading research and teaching universities
  • Trust deriving from a record of honest performance, being of and for the research and education sector which we serve
  • Excellence in our work and the work of others

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EDINA, University of Edinburgh
Argyle House, 3 Lady Lawson Street
Edinburgh, United Kingdom EH3 9DR
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EDINA is the Jisc centre for digital expertise & online service delivery at the University of Edinburgh.